16x24: Moonlight Beach in San Diego is a magical place for me. Visit it at different hours of the day during different seasons and its a new beach each time. This piece was painted from a photo I took during an early morning walk at low tide when the fog had just begun to clear and there were few people out.


"Moonlight Beach" is printed on archival watercolor paper using a high resolution professional printer to ensure brilliant color and quality.

I am proud to offer prints that carefully crafted using 310gsm BRIGHT WHITE VELVET FINE ART PAPER, 100% COTTON. This 310g, Bright White, water-resistant velvet fine art paper is made from 100% cotton fiber and is acid and lignin free. Elegance Velvet is a proprietary mould-made fine art paper that is strong and dimensionally stable. It has a high white point, remarkable ink load capacity, and best-in-class image quality that far exceeds the limitations of virtually every paper of its kind.

Moonlight Beach PRINT