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Inspired by the natural beauty of her environment Megan applies her own unique vision to sea and landscapes. Her paintings reside in the moment of awe when we take in the startling beauty of a sunlit hillside or a calm day by the sea. Dedicated to the process of building an image layer upon layer, Megan seeks to generate a painting rich in color and depth. Using oil on canvas she softly blends colors to reveal the raw beauty of a particular vista and to lend the viewer an intimate connection to that scene. 

The beauty of the human figure and portraiture is that it doesn’t deviate far from the essence of a landscape painting. Megan continues to use her modernist vision to capture the beauty and heart of her subjects. Both her human and animal portraits inspire to immerse you in their serenity. Her portraits intend to capture the suspended state of harmony of the subjects within their surroundings.  

Art inspires exploration and Megan is ever curious to see where each path leads. Still rooted in the pursuit of nature's beauty, she is constantly exploring and studying the myriad of approaches to depicting our relationship with the world around us. Whether it be capturing the simple grace of a leaf or portraying the natural relationship between life and death in an animal skull decorated with flowers, Megan's exploration of these realms often lead to a peek inside what’s to come.  

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