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"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."

-Salvador Dali


Megan is a San Diego based artist, who began pursuing art full-time in 2017 and has sold her paintings to collectors both nationally and internationally. While she bravely taught middle school for ten years, and then left that career to raise two daughters, Megan has never stopped creating art. Having always lived by the sea, she is often influenced by the beauty of nature and the power that a unique palette, thoughtfully placed on canvas, has to evoke a transformative mood in the viewer. Megan's original oil and acrylic paintings offer the viewer a chance to escape into the world of reflection and natural states. Elements of nature provide serenity in a chaotic world and so often her paintings inspire to evoke this mood. Currently, she is exploring these elements in paintings of the female form and gesture. She is also including acrylic mediums in her recent works as they allow for spontaneity and rapid layering that creates a history within each work.

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