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I'm sure we are all not too sad to bid 2020 a big adieu. There's a lot to resent about what this year ushered in and most likely will push on through to 2021. So for my final art post of the year, I chose this small collage inspired from a photo I took with my daughter on an early morning walk through a dried up river wash in Palm Springs. It was a rare moment we shared; just the two of us out in nature without a soul around. We talked lightly about the beauty of the desert landscape in the winter light and then more deeply about what she feels she'd lost and gained during the last 10 months of this pandemic.

The comfortable freedom of being with family and friends we agreed was the greatest loss. However, somehow the gains seemed easiest to count. She learned about the generosity of spirit in giving those who were showing a bit of an edge some grace; she gained the courage to try new things that wouldn't have been considered had the usual fair not been removed from the menu; she learned about fairness and that the world doesn't always strive for it but she believes it's still important to try.

I wondered how, in what has been undoubtedly the most heartbreaking year on the books, she could count so many blessings. So on our chilly desert stroll, my wise young daughter taught me to count the gains that are often the hardest to count but seem to be the only ones that matter in the end. I wish you many graces in the New Year and thank you dearly for all the love and support you have shed upon me and my family.

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