I've always gravitated to the outdoors and especially the ocean, which is why I think these themes show up in my art. I've been analyzing my choice of subjects for quite some time now. It's easy to assume that I paint them simply because they're pretty and there's some truth to that. Every time I drive over the hill from my house and see the big blue panoramic vista of the Pacific it takes my breath away. The ocean never fails to deliver. So I wonder if its inherent majesty is enough to make one want to include it in a work of art? Sure, but there are deeply rooted reasons why artists are drawn toward a certain muse and today I think I found my answer to this one.

While painting in my studio, I was listening to a podcast by endurance athlete/author, Rich Roll. He had on a fellow endurance athlete and cancer survivor, Tommy Rivs. Tommy spent much of 2020 in a medically induced coma as doctors tried to treat his rare and aggressive form of lung. Needless to say, th