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This is a fun one. I recently found this image of a series of 12 small (9x9) oil paintings I did about sixteen years ago (I also found the actual paintings too!). I created them for an art class I was taking and the assignment was to paint a story but it couldn't be representational. This is what I came up with. Hint: It is a fairytale. I'll let you take a minute to see if you can guess which one it is. Scroll down to see the answer and explanation of the frames.


The first frame: Cinderella is the half-moon shape. The wicked stepsisters are the blue/black rectangles and the stepmother is the purple/black rectangle.

The second frame: Cinderella is sequestered away while the prince delivers an invitation to the ball. The little dots above his head are there to represent formal attire, or a crown.

The third frame: The step sisters take off to the ball and the little seed shaped images are the mice coming to console Cinderella.

The fourth frame: While the mice are consoling, the green and brown shape is her fairy godmother who appears on scene to help.

The fifth frame: With the helpful powers of her fairy godmother, the mice quickly get to work adorning Cinderella so she may make an appearance at the ball.

The sixth frame: The mice are turned into her horse and carriage and whisk her down the path to the ball.

The seventh frame: Cinderella makes it to the ball, passes her jealous stepsisters, and dances with the prince. The purple circle at the top of the ballroom is the clock.

The eight frame: The clock strikes 12, Cinderella darts from the ballroom leaving a slipper behind.

The ninth frame: Cinderella is again sequestered in her room while the prince stops by in search of the owner of the glass slipper.

The tenth frame: The prince tries to fit the triangle shaped slipper onto the stepsister's square foot but no luck.

The eleventh frame: Cinderella appears, and the glass slipper fits.

The twelfth frame: Cinderella and the prince ride off into the sunset, happily ever after.

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